Assembling Your PlayBook

In order to create your Team’s Playbook you will need the following:

– 3 Ring Binder
– Hole Punch
– Sheet Protectors
– Subject Dividers
– Subject Dividers with Pockets
– Extra Pockets
– Printer to Print the Downloads on this page
– Glue Stick

Print the Team Play Book Cover & Glue onto the front of your binder.

Print the Team Play Book Cover Sheet & Place in Sheet Protector and then use this as the first page of your binder.

Take 8 Subject Dividers and Label Them: Household Management, Family, Faith, Food, Finances, Business, Fitness & Fashion

If you would like you can use the following Cover Sheets for the first page of each section:

Household Management Cover Sheet

Family Cover Sheet

Faith, Joy, Love & Hope Cover Sheet

Food Cover Sheet

Finances Cover Sheet

Business Cover Sheet

Fitness Cover Sheet

Fashion Cover Sheet

Here are a few sheets to add to the sections above: (I will add sheets as I create them & find useful Don’t miss a thing! Subscribe to Soccer Mom in Giggle Town now.)

Household Management

Laundry Plan Weekly List. Print out 2! Tack one up in your Laundry Room so the whole family knows the Laundry Schedule. A Load a Day keeps Mt Pile of Dirty Laundry Away!

Monthly Cleaning Calendar

Master To Do List


Print 2 Daily Schedule . One to place in a sheet protector (it becomes like a dry erase board) and place on your Refrigerator or near your calendar. The other one can be placed in your Team Play Book.

Weekly Homework Calendar

Special Day Planner

Weekly Checklist (editable)

The difference between Household Management and Family is that the Household Management deals with the house and the items in the house. Where Family deals with all of the people within the house.

Faith, Joy, Love & Hope


Master Store List This one you may edit by placing it in the order of your favorite store. I use this as I use my Grocery List, labeling only the isles I will be needing to visit. This Master Store List is a great mental check off at home if I need anything.

Menu Planner/ Grocery List You do not need to place a hole in this one, in fact print a few and place in the back pocket of your binder so you will have them ready each week as you plan your monthly meals.

Blank Simple & Scrumptious Recipe Sheet

Box Top for Education Products

Create Your Simple & Scrumptious Recipe Book






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