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Preperation for 52 weeks of Fitness

26 Dec
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What you need: Walk/Jog/Run

Good Running shoes!

Wear what’s comfortable.

No need to wear more than shorts and a tee-shirt for temperatures above 55F.
Step up to tights/sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee for temperatures above 45F.
Add a sweatshirt for lower temperatures.

Consider a stocking cap and cotton gloves too!

What you need: Yoga

cotton tights
bike shorts
loose T-shirts
tank tops

Think comfort!

  • A yoga mat or exercise mat is good to provide a warm, cushioned, surface.
  • A small firm pillow or folded blanket is helpful for seated postures if your hips, lower back and hamstrings aren’t very flexible.
  • a long strap, bathrobe tie or belt is helpful to use to stretch the hamstrings in either a seated or supine position.
  • props: mat, pillow, blanket, cushion, strap, wooden blocks, folding chairs, blankets etc.; store them together and set aside or bring to the practice area before you begin
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