The Proverbs 31 Woman

I do not know about you but the super woman featured in Proverbs 31 intimidates me! When I am reading that passage I am tempted to jump ahead to the book of Ecclesiastes where the theme “everything is vanity” is considerably close to where I live. One day out of frustration, I asked the Lord why He would put such a seemingly unattainable example of motherhood in the bible. That perfect woman, I vented to Him makes the rest of us feel like features in comparison. When God answered He spoke right to my heart. Because that is how I see you too! He told me gently I see all of the good things you have ever done or ever will do. Remember all your sins are covered by Jesus blood. The bad stuff is gone! I suddenly understood that I should read Proverbs 31 from my heavenly fathers perspective – that of a proud and loving parent. It makes sense does it not?

For example if my mother were to write a paragraph describing me it would look something like this.

My daughter Jeanie is an amazing christian woman. She is  a creative mother. She has been very financially successful and made a lot of money. She is a  talented musician and a great cook. She keeps a beautiful home, her nails look gorgeous, she sews her children’s clothes and she keeps a record of their lives in scrapbooks. She is up before dawn having her devotions daily.

Now the description is true but it leaves out several pieces of significant information. For starters I have accomplished those things over the course of the last 33 years and I do not do them all now. The account also gives half of the story. It leaves out many of my secrets a few embarrassing that only my mom knows, however I will now be sharing them with you.

Here is my life as I see it:

I am an amazing woman some of the time usually after I have had my shower and and at least a half a pot of coffee.

I am a creative mother if you do not count the yelling and nagging.

I have been financially successful at times and have made a lot of money. I have also paid a lot of bills, spent a lot of money and went through a divorce.

I am a talented musician who can now play 5 songs on the piano.

I am a great cook if you count my six special company meals.

I keep a beautiful home with the help of my husband and children one hour before company arrives.

My nails are gorgeous because they are fake.

I have sewn my children’s clothes however the sewing machine has not been touched since the day I made a pair of shorts and the inseam was off about 2 inches.

I keep a record of my children’s lives in scrapbooks. I am almost finished with my 10 year old ‘s first year.

I am up before dawn having my devotions most days of the week and have fallen asleep on God several times.

Now both of the perspectives are true but one of them is told through the eyes of a loving parent. I believe that even more that our parents would., our heavenly father would write a glowing description of us too. As He reminded me, He sees the good in us. When we put our faith in Him, He chooses not to remember our mistakes and instead focuses on our successes. So from God’s perspective, maybe the Proverbs 31 woman is not so unattainable after all.

Lord thank you so much for being such a loving parent. I am so grateful that you see the good in us, even when we mess up and fall short of where we think we should be. Help us not to compare ourselves to other people and to focus on your love and your desires for our lives.

In Jesus precious name, AMEN!

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

Stay- at- Home Mommy & Writer

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