Simple Life

Our lives are busy and full of modern day technologies, possessions, and communities. Carpooling kids from one activity to another, over stimulating our minds with television, and satisfying our hunger with unhealthy fast food on the go. This life of racing the clock each day gives us burnout, stress and worry.

Life however is full of meaningful provisions, most of us do not take the time to enjoy the simplicity that it can offer. Have you ever just wanted to sit in the quietness of your own home by candlelight? Could you find enjoyment in spending an evening reading, playing a board game, and visiting friends? Imagine a day with your family with no television, telephone, computer or video games. There are many simple things we can do that will help us create joy in our lives.

The bible tells us that true happiness does not come from material things. It comes from spending time with our heavenly Father in worship, taking time to appreciate the simple joys He provides for our pleasure. We can find this peace around us ~ family, friends, nature, simple tasks, pleasures and joys. If you are feeling overwhelmed from the busyness of life try incorporating one or more of these 7 simple ideas in your routine (alone , with your spouse, or as a family):

1. Regular Family Church Attendance

2. Stay Home

3. Have a home cooked meal

4.Spend time outside

5.Complete Crafts & Art

6. Get involved in your neighborhood/ community

7. Practice doing one thing at a time.

What simple ways can do you think you can place in your routine to add joy into your days?

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

Stay- at- Home Mommy & Writer


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