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Happy Birthday Jesus

25 Dec



Click here for a printable coloring sheet for you and your kiddos!


Where’s the Line to See Jesus?

3 Dec

It is the beginning of December, I have been sick for the last week. My house is a mess and I have not decorated for Christmas. Their are several books to read for review that have been on my night stand for weeks without  being opened. My e-mail in box is full and voice-mail has plenty of messages. The laundry pile has taken over my closet floor.

I have been reading over many articles and books about the Christmas season approaching : how to prepare for the holidays, relieve the stress that it causes,  the best time to take your kids to see Santa and how to cook the perfect dinner for your family. I have been in the stores full of Christmas songs, Christmas decorations for in and outside your home including your dogs house and garage door. I have driven down the streets and have seen all the lights twinkling on peoples houses and all over the stores.

I was on Facebook earlier today scanning through messages when I came across the beautiful video at the beginning of this post.  Where is the line to see Jesus? If Christmas is His Birthday shouldn’t we see Him more? Santa came to give me presents, Jesus came to give me life! Tears fell down my cheek as I listened to the rest of the song. The boys came home from school I made them watch it with me. I cried again.

Where is the line to see Jesus?

Why is everyone so preoccupied with decorations and making a perfect holiday when they are always preoccupied with how their house looks and making their family perfect 365 days a year. Why stress over the time of year that our Savior was born, the Savior that came to take that stress away! Some fill their houses with so much stuff , I wonder if there is even room for Him in their homes.

In my home and in my heart, at Christmas and during the rest of the year I have a place for Jesus.  In this I am given peace instead of stress no matter when it is. I know because I am here this evening sitting at my desk in peace, Peace for I know that I will feel better soon. I know that I will clean and prepare for the Christmas holiday. I will be reading the books as my energy is restored over the next few days. Over time I will respond to my e-mails and phone calls. Sometime in the near future I will even see my closet floor again. In time  it will all get done.

Blessings and Giggles to you and yours during this Christmas season. I pray that you will find the peace of Jesus now and forever!

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