Create and Organize this holiday season with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape

10 Dec

Around the House

  • Moving furniture for the tree –Mask off your desired layout using ScotchBlue to make sure everything will fit just right the first time.
  • Labeling and wrapping gifts – It’s easy to make sharp edges and cleanly wrapped gifts by using ScotchBlue to hold wrapping paper edges down until you’re really ready to tape.
  • Cups at holiday parties – Everyone knows the guest who keeps misplacing their cup! ScotchBlue can be used for quick and easy cup labeling.
  • Your wish list – Make sure everyone knows which gifts you want without ruining the catalogues. “Discreetly” label your choices with ScotchBlue.
  • Labeling leftovers – Sweet potatoes look a lot like squash, and permanent markers are, well, permanent. Avoid any food confusion by labeling your leftovers with ScotchBlue.
  • Labeling holiday decoration boxes – There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you put the star for the top of the holiday tree.  Use ScotchBlue to ensure a hassle free holiday this season and next.
  • Storing holiday lights – How frustrating are tangled up holiday lights? Use ScotchBlue tape like you would use rope; a guaranteed way to make sure your lights don’t get tangled in the box before next year’s season.

For the Kids

  • Making gingerbread houses – Let’s admit it – not everyone’s edible glue holds their gingerbread house together. Hopefully ScotchBlue tape can help you stabilize your house. Not edible!
  • Mark spots for school and church plays – No more questions about where your child is supposed to stand during the holiday play. Mark small X’s where each cast member belongs.
  • Decorating ornaments – A fun arts and crafts project for the kids. Make sure they get the best result by using ScotchBlue to create unique designs using paint or egg dye.
  • Holiday designs on cards – ScotchBlue is the guaranteed way to ensure clean lines on your homemade holiday cards, whether you’re using water color, oil paint, markers or crayons.

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