Savvy Shopper Secrets by P&G Everyday Solutions on Facebook

1 Dec

P&G Everyday Solutions has been providing savvy shoppers with valuable information and savings on P&G brands and various value saving programs for over 5 years. Now, P&G is going “social” to enable conversations between shoppers who love the value of P&G brands and are always looking for new ways to be savvy about their shopping, especially in these tough times.

Through the P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook page, bargain hunters and savvy shoppers will be able to engage in a forum for healthy conversation amongst other value concerned consumers about savings, value, product performance and the various P&G value programs including:

P&G brandSAVER coupon book inserted in selected Sunday newspapers which conveniently provides valuable savings on P&G products in one convenient place.

* P&G brandSAMPLERonline source to sign up for P&G samples and coupons

* P&G in-pack/on-pack coupon program – coupons from various P&G brands offered inside specially marked packages

* P&GeSAVER – web to loyalty card/Unique ID couponing open to B&M retailers that have the capability of managing such transactions

* Digital brandSAVER – couponing system that is currently available to retailers that are Web to Home, i.e. delivery is to home.
Current participating retailers include:,,,

P&G Everyday Solution Facebook Fans will also have access to special guest bloggers who will showcase savings/shopping tips each week and have the opportunity to personally share their own value saving advice.

Visit P&G’s Facebook page to discover more savings and let them know Jeanie from Soccer Mom in Giggle Town sent you!


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