Tips for Selecting a Christmas Tree for your Home & Keeping it Green

27 Nov

Bundle up the kiddos and visit one of the area’s Christmas Tree Farms for a fantastic family outing during the holidays. Many offer hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and coffee as well as tractor rides and visits with Santa Claus. The purchase of a Christmas tree marks the beginning of the joyous holiday season. Consider the following tips for selecting a Christmas Tree for your home:

* Be sure you know what size you need before heading to the Christmas Tree Farm.
* Look for green needles that have a wonderful, Christmas tree smell, these are signs of a great Christmas Tree.
* Look for needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor, and wrinkled bark, these are signs of a tree that needs to stay on the
farm and should not be taken home.

Once you have come home with your carefully selected Christmas tree, here are a few tips to keep it green and healthy throughout the holidays, minimizing clean-up and maximizing the joy of your holiday :

* Make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree to open up the pores, which have been clogged by sap. Cut off at least one-half inch. If you do not make a fresh cut, the tree will not be able to drink water.
* After the cut is made, put the tree in water as soon as possible. The longer the time between when the tree is given a fresh cut and when it is put into water, the less ability the tree has to absorb water.
* Rinse water reservoir of the tree stand with a mixture of one capful of bleach and one cup of water before inserting the tree. This reduces the growth of micro-organisms that can block the tree’s ability to absorb water. Be careful to avoid spilling or splashing the bleach on carpeting, etc.
* Place the tree in a sturdy stand, which will hold at least one gallon of water. Fill with plain water.
* If the tree is not going into the house soon after purchase, it should be stored in a bucket of warm water on a cool porch or patio away from wind and sun in warm climates, and protected from freezing temperatures and wind in cold climates.
* An average tree may consume between one quart and one gallon of water per day. If the water level drops below the cut end of the trunk, a seal will form and no more water will be absorbed by the tree unless another fresh cut is made. So don’t forget to add water every day.

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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