General Biblical Timeline Part One

16 Nov

Creation and the Age of the Patriarchs

  • undated God Creates the World Genesis 1:1-2:41
  • undated Adam and Eve Sin Genesis 3:1-24
  • undated God sends the Flood Genesis 7:1-24
  • 2166 or 2000 BC Abram’s Birth Genesis 11:27-31
  • 2091 or 1925 BC The Call of Abram Genesis 12:1-9
  • 2080 or 1914 BC Ishmael’s Birth Genesis 16:1-16
  • 2066 or 1900 BC Issac’s Birth Genesis 21:1-7
  • 2006 or 1840 BC Jacob and Esau’s Birth Genesis 25:19-26
  • 1898 or 1732 BC Joseph’s Sold into Slavery Genesis 37:18-36
  • 1876 or 1710 BC Jacob Goes to Egypt Genesis 46:1-27
  • undated Job Suffers Job


Since there are two accepted methods for dating the events of Genesis through Judges, the traditional and the more recent system. Both systems assume that the dates in the Bible are accurate. The key difference in the two systems has to do with when the Exodus occurred. I am posting both dates allowing you the reader to decide which dating system you would like to follow.


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