Thanksgiving & Praise Day 14

14 Nov

I am Thankful for


the car that I am blessed to drive


This 1988 almond color Honda Civic is what we like to call Honda Dumpling (well cause it looks like a dumpling) This car belongs to my brother. I began driving it when I became a stay at home mom.

Before I was a stay at home mom I worked at World Vision and we drove a 2003 Ford Expedition that comfortably fit our entire C Team. However this was a huge expenditure for our family. In order for us to keep it I had to keep working full time. When I felt as tho that it was time that I put my family first over my job and career I had to let something go. We gave up cable tv and the Ford Expedition. Leaving me to drive the Honda Dumpling.Having the Honda has been humbling (so I should call it the Humbling Honda dumpling). But what it means to us and our family is a whole lot more than the comfortably driven Expedition. Every other weekend when we have all the children we must take 2 cars to go anywhere. That is okay sometimes since it is nice to separate the children when they are all together!

I am thankful that I have a means of transportation to places that I need to go. Grocery Shopping, back and forth to the kids school, church, picking up my boys at their dad’s every other weekend, the YMCA, the park, volunteering, etc.. I am in hopes that one day we will own a mini van or a more reliable car due to this 22 year old car is in its last days. …

Thank you my dear brother for allowing me to have a car that fits our budget and our priorities!


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