30 Days of Thanksgiving and Praise

1 Nov

a prayer to express gratitude, a public acknowledgment or celebration of God’s goodness

What am I thankful for?

Praiseto worship, commend, or give honor to

I will share one of my favorite Praise songs.

With praise and thanksgiving, they sang to the Lord:
“He is good;
his love for Israel continues forever.”
And then all the people shouted loudly, “Praise the Lord! The foundation of his Temple has been laid.”  Ezra 3:11

In Ezra 3:11 The foundation for the Temple was completed, this took a lot of work. However no one tried to get praise for what they did. No one stopped and waited for someone to pat them on the back and say job well done. Everyone praised God for what had been completed. They acknowledged that all of our time, talents, abilities and strength come from God. Without Him we can do nothing. We should thank God for what has been completed.  We should thank God for the gifts He has blessed us with in order to get the job done.

This month of November lets prepare our hearts and minds for this holiday season. Each day focusing on Thanksgiving and Praise!

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

Mommy & Writer

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