TLC – Women’s Morning Bible Study

18 Oct

What a great beginning to a new TLC year. TLC is Tuesday Learning & Caring at my church Women of all ages come together for worship, Bible Study & Discovery groups.
The morning begins with fellowship, coffee and delicious foods brought in by the the Discovery group chosen that week then with prayer, praise & worship.  A representative from different missions near and far comes to the front and shares what they are doing and how we can help if we feel led to do so.  One of our wonderful leaders shares a devotion with the group.
After this hour it is time for class. The first meeting of each session (fall, winter & spring) we are offered many great choices for studying the bible. It is always so difficult to chose between the studies, you end up wanting to take them all.

This year we were offered:

Sweeter than Chocolate an inductive study of Psalm 119

The Sacred Echo

The Gospel of Ruth

Next Steps is a study that walks you through the Bible. Taking the next step in your faith no matter where you are          in Christ.

Knowing the Bible 101 is a study on all 66 books of the bible and putting them together. the Bible was written over the coarse of 1500 years by 40 different people yet it comes together as a beautiful masterpiece.

Last but not least the class I chose, Becoming a Woman of Simplicity. Based on the book written by Cynthia Heald. God spoke to me most with this class and I also would like to get to know the teacher better. She is also a sahm of 6 kids ages 8-18 years old.

This last summer on my sabbatical I simplified my schedule. I wanted my priorities to show on my calendar & my pocetbook.

Now I would like my mind & spirit to be simplified too. I want to live the complete life God wants me to live. Not by being busy and doing things but living day to day  minute by minute of His purpose.

I am very eager to complete this bible study and developing a sense of community with the women in my discovery group.

Which is the next and last hour of the TLC morning. A few of us from the class are brought together weekly in a Discovery Group. This is where we pray with one another, grow in faith, and have a community with other women.


God is doing something big in our TLC group.. and I am expectant that He will continue to do so the remainder of our time.

What is your woman’s bile study like? What study are you doing? I would love to hear about it.



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