What I Wore

29 Sep

Wow! This week flew by fast. I feel as tho I just posted my What I Wore. Well the saying goes Time Fly’s by when you are having fun! I am having fun.. just being a mommy and wife, Life is just Good!

Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore. Please join in the fun. It is just a great way to hold yourself accountable from staying in your pj’s (everyday) or just jumping into your sweats. Since I have started this series I have found the cutest clothes in my closet.

the pleated poppy blog


Great little day that Wednesday was. Attended my oldest son’s Open House at his Elementary school. His Father came with his new wife and surprisingly it was not uncomfortable this time. Which is fabulous because my son was so happy that we were all there!  Afterwords Malachi & I had a date at Ben & Jerry’s.  Just the 2 of us, we had sooooo much fun.  I am so glad that I got the opportunity to spend some one on one time with him.

Black Sweater, Brittany's Dress, Levi Jeans & Cute lil Starppy Sandals from the Goodwill


Thursday I took my Lily to Preschool Park and had a blast! Preschool park is an indoor fun place for children 0-5 in our church’s gym each Thursday morning.. Several Mommies come for fellowship & coffee and Children come to play with all sorts of toys. Click here to view pictures of Lily exploring, watching and playing.

Nike Sweatshirt from Fred Meyers, White Tee from Target, & Plaid Pants from Walmart


Friday I stayed busy around the house and caught up on some writings. Including my latest on 24/7 Moms More Than a Name

Long Maroon & Cream Sweater from the Goodwill & Levi Jeans


Saturday I hung out with Malachi and took him grocery shopping while Chad, Lily & Mason went to go pick up Brittany & Collin at their Moms.  That afternoon I started roasting my very first chicken (click here to see this on Facebook) and then we headed over to the park for some fun in the sun, that actually graced us with its presence that day. ( I actually got to change into a short sleeve shirt!)

L/S Striped Shirt that I got somewhere, Blue Jean Skirt from the Goodwill & Leggies from Target


Busy day with Church, lunch and then off to the airport to pick up my Mom!  After I picked her up she took me out to eat. What a wonderful time we had, I missed her. She was in Illinois visiting my Grandma.

Black Top from The Bon Marche (before it was Macy's) Pink skirt that I purchased many many years ago, & black capri leggings from Target

I am including Brittany in today’s what I wore because she is wearing my dress! We had a great girls night Saturday night filled with laughter, fun, & our tradition of a foot soak and chat in the tub.  We started watching The Princess and the Frog until we were distracted with playing dress up. She found a love for my dresses, I let her put on my wedding dress!  She even helped me put together the outfit I wore this Sunday.

My Black Dress I purchased at Salvation Army


I was exhausted ( the Giggle of the Day was perfect for today & how I felt) .. so I took a pajama day! Since I am keeping it real I thought I would even share 🙂

Tobmac sweatshirt from his concert at OCC, black shirt and favorite green pajama bottoms


I spent most of the day taking care of my sweet Lily who has a runny nose and cough. I missed TLC (which is a bummer I actually did my homework and I wrote a prayer that this bible study inspired me to ) this morning but I did get out of the house after school and took the boys to the YMCA. While they were busy with there Sports mix activity I grabbed a cup of coffee and read my new Jill Savage book, Creating the Moms Group You’ve Been Looking For. I spoke with Patti from the church this morning and I will be meeting with her this weekend to put together my Mom’s Life Group. I am so very excited to be putting this together. So I  kept busy with planning this new adventure God is taking me on.
After the Y we came home for dinner with my Mom and Brother. What a great evening full of laughter it was!

Black Sweater, Grey Shirt and Black Pants (Comfy for Snuggling on the couch)

So there it is .. what I wore! What did ya think? Did I do okay? I took a picture everyday. I think about it each morning as I carefully select my clothes. I feel like I did in high school making sure I wear the right thing..lol. I hope you are having as much fun as I am!

Blessings & Giggles until next time!

Mommy & Writer

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3 Responses to “What I Wore”

  1. Jewelscapes September 29, 2010 at 2:24 PM #

    I sure love that pink skirt on you, very pretty!
    I have a “Bejeweled WEdnesdays” link up for those who are looking for jewelry accessorizing sharing and ideas!

  2. LBDDiaries September 30, 2010 at 10:44 PM #

    I love that pink skirt! And that black dress is beautiful, especially on Brittany!

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