The one who had it all

28 Sep

Eve formed by God, a perfectly formed beautiful woman. Her & her husband Adam lived in a perfect paradise. She is the only woman who has walked and talked with God in a perfect world. She is the only woman who ever enjoyed true equality and compatibility with man.

Guess what she did with everything? She messed it up! She threw it all away. One bite of the forbidden fruit (which I am sure there was plenty of perfect fruits and veggies around) and humanity ws changed forever.

Tho we would like to hate her for taking all of this away and adding pain in childbirth, the time of the month, menapause, etc she actually is the perfect example of God’s grace. Even though she disobeyed He still loved her. He loves us even though we are not perfect, even though we do not have it all.

Because of God’s unconditional love Eve’s Relationship with God was restored. He created a new thing in her life even after the fall of man kind.


2 Responses to “The one who had it all”

  1. dysblogger September 30, 2010 at 8:07 AM #

    Great post! I’m reading a little of your archives, voting for you on the picket fence and subscribing to you! Looking forward to more!

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