Back to Blogging: A Post Title I Am Particularly Proud Of

17 Sep

This weekend I will be participating in The Secret to Success is in the Sauce (SITS Girls) Back to Blogging Series. This series as been going on this week and ends on Sunday September 19th! This series is sponsored by Standards of Excellence , Westar Kitchen & Bath , and Florida Builder Appliances .

I really love this post because it is something that included my personality and it started a great series on my blog! Here it is:

10 Signs that Mommy Needs a Daily Time Out

1. Your children look forward to going to school.

2. Your husband wants to work overtime.

3. You started an argument with your toddler.

4. You called your best friend and started talking and she said, “Who is this?”

5. You cannot remember the last time you were by yourself.

6. You say the word No more than any other word in the dictionary.

7. Your Bible’s dust is thicker than the book itself.

8. Your last memory verse was John 3:16

9. You are unable to finish your prayer time for you always fall asleep.

10. Your turn – What is your sign that you need a daily time out?

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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