Taming the Paper Monster

11 Sep

I am in the middle of a ‘spring cleaning’ of my office as I put together my Team Play Book. I am motivated to keep the papers where the papers belong and not return to the piles placed throughout the house.
So, what do I do with all the papers that do not need to be saved in the play book or what do I do if I do not have the time to do something with the paper as soon as I get it?

I have put together a system that is going to work great! It may work for you too! Let me know what you think of it.

First a piece of paper comes into the house (ahhhhhh NO MORE PAPER!!!!!!)

A. If its junk mail or garbage THROW IT AWAY IMMEDIATELY I mean Recycle …

B. If it is something that needs attention DO IT NOW!!
Since I am a mommy, I understand that it is more often not possible to do ANYTHING immediately. So this is why I have put together a filing system on my desk. (a file separator with some files along with my Team PlayBook and Planner)
I call it the ACTION files : To File, To Do, To Call, To Pay, To Read, To Plan and To Write.

C. Of course if you are feeding the baby, running out the door or have more than one action paper (like cleaning out your child’s backpack) then you can always resort to the paper basket that I have strategically placed onto the hutch right next to my chair in the dining room. (The place that I go through the kids backpacks after-school, the place I generally go through the mail etc..) Of course once I have a moment or at minimum once a week, I empty the paper basket into the proper Action File.

Note: In order for the Action Files to work you must create time to actually Do IT! I have placed Paper Monster as one of my Weekly Tasks that need to be completed. The file To Read may be a great thing to pick up and put in the mommy bag on the way to the doctor or the child’s soccer practice. In fact any of the files (except to file) would be great to grab and take with you while you are waiting somewhere. I wait for the kids everywhere and most times I have nothing to do except play with my phone or call my mother.

How exciting! (I am a lil geeky this way) Okay paper come on down! I’m ready…. (total geek.. I know)

Download the Action File Labels for Microsoft Works with Avery Labels #5160


4 Responses to “Taming the Paper Monster”

  1. moonduster (Becky) September 11, 2010 at 1:13 PM #

    I so need to do this too! I have piles of paper all over the house! The biggest problem is that I NEVER get the time to go through them, scan what needs scanning, file what needs filing, read what needs reading, etc, because my youngest son is destructo-boy and the instant I take my eyes off of him, something gets destroyed.

    There will come a day when he will no longer be as destructive though (I hope). 🙂

    • Jeanie Cullip September 11, 2010 at 4:25 PM #

      Becky & Mary You and others like you are the reason I shared this on my blog. I am not the only one with the Paper Monster Lurking in every corner of my house and car! I hope the Action Files work well for you both it is doing pretty well so far and it passed the test of school time beginning!

      Becky my boys are 10, almost 8 and 7 .. they make different kind of destruction as they get older.. but it does get a little better!

  2. Mary @ The Writer's Block September 11, 2010 at 1:24 PM #

    THIS POST is the answer to my nightmares!!! Seriously, I have been plagued with paper since — as long as I can remember — and it’s just gotten worse with kids/school.

    Oh my goodness! I love the specific folders. I tried the Bills and Needs Action files, but that just got cluttered. And then I’d be afraid if it went into the Needs Action, it would get lost in there, etc., etc. But the specific labels are really wonderful.

    And I love your basket. It’s pretty, accessible, non-obtrusive, yet sensible.

    Anyway–thanks. Your system is going to help our family! 🙂


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