What’s for Dinner? Sloppy Jeanie’s (Sloppy Joes) & Oven Fries

9 Sep

Sloppy Jeanie’s (Sloppy Joes)
Oven Fries

okay, they are actually Sloppy Joes but growing up they were always Sloppy Jeanie’s! Three reasons they were not Sloppy Joes:

  1. My Dad was named Joe and he claimed that he was neat
  2. My Name is Jeanie Jo
  3. I was a really really sloppy eater

Tonight you can make it a Sloppy Jeanie’s night! (giggle giggle)

Has this ever happen to you – You bought hamburger Buns on sale and by the time you got the chance to use them they have already began to mold. ( Just keeping it real) Have no fear Sloppy Joes are great in hot dog buns, toasted bread, English muffin and poured on top of pasta or rice.

If you are going to have a side dish – Sloppy Jeanie’s take 20-25 minutes to prepare and fix so I tend to prepare & start my side dish before I begin browning my meat. Tonight we are accompanying our Sloppy Jeanie’s with Oven Fries.

Simple Tip for the Oven Fries: I used my Pampered Chef Apple Slicer to slice my potatoes in perfect pieces for fries. At first it is a little difficult to get the potato centered. But I spent a fraction of the time cutting my potatoes this way!

What a fun dinner this was, What is your family dinner fun? Do you have a special name for a meal in your family?

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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