Safeway Shopping 101

7 Sep

As a mom one of the most asked questions is “What is for Dinner?” followed by “What is for Lunch?” and “What are we having for Breakfast?” I would be rich and have a maid if I got paid a dollar every time I heard it.

I have the answer to these often asked questions. “It is on the menu!” My menu planner has helped me answer this question, saved me time everyday of sorting through cupboards figuring out what to fix and countless trips to the store, saved me money by buying what is on sale, not buying too much, using coupons and no trips to fast-food restaurants.

You may say I do not have enough time to sort through ads, clip coupons, write out grocery lists and make menus. I thought the same way until I came up with my plan. In my opinion I used up more time not doing these things.

The following is my weekly plan, I divided up the tasks through the week so that I can do a little bit at a time. I am a Safeway shopper so I am using Safeway information, however you can shop at whatever store you would like. I do recommend shopping at one store not 3-5. Some will go after all the sales across town to save, I save on gas, my time and my children’s time by shopping in one store. I enjoy the weekly visits to my local Gig Harbor Safeway store, you get to know the employees there which makes your trip a little more enjoyable.


Collect coupons from Newspaper. I receive the Sunday paper only. I sort through and keep only the coupons of items my family enjoys. Place them in the basket (This is my container for all my shopping supplies: coupon organizer, scissors, pens, pencils, ads, and extra coupons that I find through the week in the mail or on food packaging).

Every once in awhile there is a bonus Safeway ad in the paper. I look through it and start this weeks shopping list (I have one on the refrigerator to add the basics that we run out of). If there is a coupon I clip it and put it in my basket.


I clip the coupons and organize them in my monthly coupon file by the date they expire.


Receive Safeway Ad in mail.

Make my grocery list with all Safeway sale items that my family enjoys.

Make my menu for the following Sunday thru Saturday using the items already in my pantry and this weeks sale items.

As an extra bonus I go through my coupons to see if I can add to my savings. Adding a coupon to a sale item or adding a manufacturer coupon to a Safeway coupon I found in the ad can double or triple your savings!


Check my e-mail for updates from Safeway,, CellFire, and P&GeSaver. These all contain more savings. With a few clicks I add coupons directly to my Safeway Club Card.

Read articles in my Google reader from frugal and thrifty bloggers like Thrifty NW Mom. They share savings of all kinds from groceries to clothing and have giveaways to win neat stuff! I also learn from them on how they use coupons and find great savings.


Shop at my local Safeway with my final shopping list at hand. (Quick Tip put your grocery shopping list in order of the store, that way you can just go up and down the isles that you need to preventing from purchasing items that is not on your list and saves time from back tracking through the store) I start in the produce section and make a giant circle ending in the freezer section (so items like ice creams does not melt)

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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3 Responses to “Safeway Shopping 101”

  1. Melanie B September 7, 2010 at 8:37 PM #

    You need to be my neighbor. Seriously, I make meal plans & have started the coupon stuff thingy, but never find anything even worth it. In 4 trips (I have to shop weekly with a family of 6) I only saved an average of about 7.89 with coupons. :-/ Food is our biggest bill, I fail big time with coupons..*sigh* Teach me the good ways! 🙂


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    […] Oct Each week I look at the Safeway ad and create the following […]

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