My Typical Day as a Stay at Home Mom

6 Sep

*The following is an example of my day during the school year.

My day typically begins around 4a. My husband awakes really super early, however we love the fact that he is off early. Getting up this early for me is great for 2 reasons: I get to see my hubby before he goes to work, I get my quiet time and my writing time in and I am tired at 9 or 10 to fall asleep when my hubby needs to go to bed. Before I began this schedule my poor hubby did not want to go to bed early without me and then ended up with no sleep (which makes one grumpy)

NOTE: I do not believe everyone has to get up at 4a however I do believe in making the effort to wake up to begin your day before the children do.

Coffee with my hubby is first on the agenda. If we remember we try to do our devotions together. Our time is always so short in the morning but I am blessed to have it. I kiss him and help him out the door. As he drives off I shoot out an arrow prayer just for him. (An arrow prayer is one that I learned from my husband. A quick Prayer to God for someone or something right as you think about it) I have found such arrow prayers are better than telling someone that I will pray for them.

I try to stay organized and I use the outside of my refrigerator, my pantry & my junk drawer (all right next to each other) as our Organization Station. I will go into my Organization Station another time. However I will point out my Daily Schedule placed right where everyone can see it in a slip cover so that I may use a dry erase marker to check off, cross out, add and rearrange all depending on the day. (By the end of the day it reminds me of a coaches play book sketches)

Okay! Time to make my bed. I am not as tempted to crawl back in bed after I have taken the opportunity to make it.

Another great opportunity is to get ready for my day when everyone is asleep.

Once I am dressed and my face is on I can take over the world.. or at least my day ahead of me.

Off to my desk to begin my quiet time with the Lord and writing. Most days I will have 2 and a half hours to write. I put together a writing calendar to so that I may keep myself on time and on track each day.

When I am done writing I finish off with some social networking. I have a 20 minute YHTF (Yahoo, Hotmail,Twitter, Facebook) that I do 3 times during the day so that I may keep up with all the e-mails, tweets and Facebook updates. I like to keep that to a minimum so that I do not get sucked in sitting at my desk all day.

NOTE: Answer e-mails one at a time and do one of four things with each:

Read and Delete it
Do it—if you can accomplish that in two minutes or less
Plan it Out
Place in a Folder for another time


A load of laundry a day keeps Mount Dirty Clothes away!

I am so thankful that I have finally come up with a laundry plan that works. Each day (except Sunday) I do one load of laundry. I place in the washer when the boys get up in the morning. I switch it to the dryer before I take them to the bus stop and during my afternoon cleaning time I fold it, hang it and put it away! After lots of rearranging this is my laundry week

Monday – Towels & Sheets (new sheets are put on beds)

Tuesday – Boys Clothes

Wednesdays – Whites
(pick out kids clothes for the week, we have an extra hour this morning do to late start.. this saves us lots of time every morning not having to pick what to wear)

Thursday – Chad’s Clothes

Friday – Girls Clothes

Saturday – Mommy’s Clothes

Rise and Shine! Time for the children to wake up and prepare for their day – get dressed and brush teeth!

Hot Chocolate and Devotions with Mom and Breakfast together!

Since the children prepare their bags the night before at 8:25a I have a reminder alarm that goes off that tells us it is time for them to head down to the bus stop!

Now its just Me and Lily! What we do next all depends on the day, play, sing and dance, explore, YMCA, TLC, MOPS, Library Story-time, or Shopping & Errands.

Lunch/ Clean Up / Run Dishwasher

A quick 20 minute YHTF on the computer!

Weekly Sheet Cleaning Task

Put Laundry Away

Prepare for Hubby and Children to return home

After-school: This just like our mornings vary depending on activities. We are generally at the YMCA M-T-W-TH and the library on Fridays.

Math Practice while we clean up.
Children Read to themselves while I cook dinner.
Unload Dishwasher

I know exactly what we are having because each week I follow my plan. Read about it here.

6pm Dinner is served

After dinner is complete we clear the table and do the dishes together. Then we have our table time. The children complete their homework, my husband I keep busy with a book, some writing, planning or bills. However we are all available to each other for help.

Once homework is completed we make sure everything is ready for the next day. Showers are completed, teeth are brushed, bibles are read, prayers are completed and the night night song is sung. The children now rest in their beds for the night.

It is about 16 hours since the 2 of us have been together alone in a quiet house. We prepare for another day and for our sleep.

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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