Moms in the Bible: Sarah

1 Sep

In Genesis the Lord tells Abraham about making him the Father of Nations. Abraham is one of many great men in the Bible listed here in Jesus’ Family History. Behind every great man is a great woman, like Sarah. Sarah learned a great lesson in life that I think is a valuable lesson for me too. Doing Things on Your Own is not always the best Thing!
God promised her & her husband a nation of children. But like myself and many others she lacked sel-control, patience and the ability to hinder towards God’s timing. She was going to become a mother on her own terms, she decided to make things happen now. Sarah asked her servant Hagar to sleep with Abraham. Hagar had a baby and then Sarah despised hagar and treated her poorly (are you surprised?) Eventually God fulfilled His promise even at the age of 90 Sarah became pregnant. Sarah then had her own child on God’s terms not her own. This child was the first of many!

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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