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7 Jul

An article was published in The Peninsula Gateway today titled A mom, 24/7 Trisha Novotny helps other moms connect through website, social media written by Joan Cronk Special to the Gateway (and an Examiner too!)

Trisha Novotny said she’s been doing the mom thing for a long time. A state coordinator for MOPS for years, the Gig Harbor mom felt others needed to continue the connection with each other after their children have started school.
Novotny, who has five kids, started 24/7 Moms on a whim.
A group of moms met for the first time at a Mom Conference at the Best Western Wesley Inn in Gig Harbor.
The meeting went well, but the group grew. And when Novotny began to look for a larger facility, she found the cost to be prohibitive.
“I knew moms would spend $700 to send their kids to cheer camp,” she said, “but not $100 on themselves.”
After she viewed a live-stream on Twitter, Novotny said, “I just went, ‘Ah ha!’ We can bring the conference to moms every single week. People thought I was crazy, but we were the very first-ever mom webcast.”
Since then, 24/7 Moms has changed the way moms connect with each other. Its website,, offers a multitude of resources, including the live weekly webcast that takes place every Tuesday at 7 p.m. That webcast, which Novotny hosts, features guests and discussions.

Novotny said 24/7 Moms is the No. 1 live mom webcast in the country. Also available on the website are coupons, free downloads, forums and discussion groups. There are no membership fees, and the website is available all day, every day.

Jeanie Cullip, a 24/7 Mom contributor, has been involved with the group since February.

“The community of the women is wonderful,” she said, “but it is also great to be able to share with the women along their journey.”

Cullip, who lives in Gig Harbor and has five children, is the Inspirational Editor for 24/7 Moms, which encourages all moms, not just those who stay at home, to stay in touch and make important connections with each other.

Keeping the website going is a huge job, Novotny said.

To read the rest of this article at The Peninsula Gateway’s website click here.

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