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24 May

Chores are a great way to teach responsibility. Although it may take longer to get the chores done when trying to teach your child how to do them and keep them motivated in doing so it can help them learn to do housework and develop good habits that will be a tremendous asset later on.

The most important thing to remember when selecting chores for your children is to keep it age appropriate. Remember the child is helping the family. Chores are a family effort. Many of the things I have listed below some children would not be able to complete on their own. Keep in mind small children get tired faster than adults. So for example they may help rake the leaves for 10 minutes and that is great, don’t expect them to rake the whole yard. Children need to be taught to do chores correctly and if you start when they are young things will go much smoother. Don’t expect perfection in the beginning, but over the years they will develop some pretty good ways of getting things clean and you will really come to rely on them to help the house run.

Toddlers (as young as 2) love to help! Start at this age and things will go a lot smoother. Any small thing that you can have them do will make them feel like they are helping big time. At this age, they should really be with you for the most part anyway so including them in what you are doing shouldn’t be a big deal. You can give them a dust rag and they can dust alongside you. Toddlers can also line up shoes, put their dirty clothing in the laundry, put napkins around at the table, throw something away for you, help clean up their toys, stack books or magazines, hand you something off the floor, etc. Any little thing that they can do will teach them that helping is good and make them feel proud of themselves.

Read what chores your child can do here on where I published this post today.


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