Show Your Appreciation for your child’s Teacher!

3 May

Gift Certificates – You pretty much can’t go wrong with these

Thank-You Notes

Homemade Gift, Edible or Otherwise

Donation to the Teacher’s Favorite Charity

Gift to the Classroom, Such as Books, Supplies, or Stationery

Pooled Donation to a Needy Family in the School
The kids could even get into the giving spirit here, doing household chores to earn bigger donations. The educator who suggested this says, “I have plenty of mugs, candles, and hand lotions!”

Massage or Spa Treatment – It’s what we all wish for but rarely splurge on for ourselves.

Plant a Tree in the Teacher’s Honor
Honoring growth, knowledge, and nurturance. A tree represents them all.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Got other ideas? Please share them with me by commenting below.

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One Response to “Show Your Appreciation for your child’s Teacher!”

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    Teaching basic manners will also help, as will teaching children how to show respect for others. Other Wholesale

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