Genesis Overview

30 Apr

AHHH … Accomplishment is a great and wonderful thing. I finished the book of Genesis. I did not complete it how I had originally planned. But I was doing it my way and that was not the way that God had intended. I am so thankful that He is in control. I learned A LOT over the last couple of months through reading and experiences.

When there was nothing there was God. Then He spoke.

Genesis 1-11 covered 4 major events:

* Creation
* The fall of man
* the covenant
* Babylon

Genesis 12-50 covered the lives of 4 amazing major characters:

* Abram (Abraham)
* Issac
* Jacob (Israel)
* Joseph

The book is referred often as the book of beginnings. Many truths began here, more is revealed in the books that follow.

Jesus took the book of Genesis at face value and attributed it’s authorship to Moses. In Matthew, Mark, Luke & John Jesus refers to the creation of man, the flood, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. He even referred to Satan as a murder from the beginning. He affirms all of the teaching from Genesis.

I will now be turning my bible to the New Testament and begin reading from the book of Matthew. I look forward to sharing this book with you.


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