A Plague of Play – Doh

5 Apr

Exodus 8

Additional Reading Scripture: Psalms 136, Jeremiah 31:3-4

Elisa discusses the plague of play-doh and how we try so hard to tel our children the rules of playing with this stuff we still find it everywhere! I do not have this problem with play-doh however hot wheels cars and Lego‘s is the plague that has invaded our home. What is yours?

Exodus 7-11 shares the plagues that God placed on the people due to Pharaoh not cooperating in letting the people go!

Elisa kindly reminds us that this stage is not a plague. It is part of the young children package. God is not punishing us moms He loves us more that we can ever imagine. This love will carry us through this stage and will last long past the last of the Play-Doh (hot wheels and Lego’s too!)


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