Genesis 35: Cleaning House

29 Mar

We are not the only ones who are Spring Cleaning! These verses Genesis 35:1-3 describes Jacob wanting to be sure that everything is right between his household and God: therefore each person is to go through a purification process – physically and spiritually! They are to change there clothes and get rid of any pagan gods. ( there will be no other gods before me The commandment states) Remember Rachel .. she may have had some cleaning to do. She may still have had the household gods she had stolen from her father.
Such a mission – whether it be a journey through our mind, our heart or our homes to begin placing God where He should be up front and center not hidden in our closets. To the place where God has met us in the past can provide reassurance of God’s continued presence in our lives.Jacob is making these preparations to the place where 20 years before God had appeared to him as he fled from his brother after stealing their fathers blessing.A little housekeeping of the soul prepares us to meet God, Are you ready for his blessing? You can read Genesis 35 here on Bible Gateway.


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