Genesis 32

24 Mar

Read Genesis 32 here on Bible Gateway.

I found that Jacob means deceiver which is fitting since he manipulates circumstances to his benefit whenever possible. Except the night before he encounters his brother Esau many years after taking his fathers blessing that did not belong to him. This night he wrestles with an angel. He wrestles until early morning and then God shows him who is boss by dislocating Jacob’s hip.

Jacob who has been very fearful of Esau and facing him, faces God and finds that losing to Him is a good thing. He sees that God’s mercy spared is life and he was humbled by God in his hip. This is so Jacob will not forget the experience. This experience changed Jacob forever .. his name was changed to Israel meaning “God contended (to assert or maintain earnestly)” and a limp.
Just like Jacob I wrestle with God in the middle of tough times,trials and tests. Just like Jacob I too lose this battle. I surrender and am humbled in His power over my life. There are times we have permanent changes physically, mentally and/or spiritually that will allow us to be reminded of what we learned. They are also opportunities that can show others of what God has done in our lives as well. Big or small changes can have an impact on our lives forever. This is transformation. This is our heavenly Father molding us into the women that we are suppose to be. Embrace it!

Just as Jacob prays to God in Genesis 32:10, I pray: Thank you Jesus for all the mercy and loving kindness and faithfulness You show to me, even tho I am not worthy to receive it.
Blessing to you and yours….

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