Conflict & Dysfunction

15 Mar
Genesis 27
Even Issac’s family was not immune to family problems. This blessing which was suppose to be given to Esau, however stolen from brother Jacob is not a blessing of inheritance or possession. This blessing is a patriarchal blessing which I found on as an inspirational prophetic statement of your life mission together with blessing, caution and admonitions as the Patriarch may be prompted to give.
Rebekah – mom whom is playing favorites and wants her son Jacob to receive what belongs to Esau. Animosity is created due to her actions in every way, making this a dangerous encounter. The 2 brothers despise each other, she betrayed her husband, she betrays her eldest son and then she has to send her favorite son away to save his life!
We create dysfunction in our families and conflict runs so deep in generational blood lines many do not even know where they began. Most of these seem unresolvable. But they can! God can resolve and restore your family. Go to Him in prayer and ask Him to work in your relationships and assist you in the reconciliation of those loved ones.

Blessings to you and yours…..


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