Genesis 26

3 Feb

Genesis 26

This chapter shows that blessing can occur even if there is jealousy, conflict and hostility. It shows God holding onto his covenant and hinting that everything will work out even in the hands of Jacob and Esau. If God can work in their weakness’s, then He can work in our weaknesses.

The story about the wells shows resolution and conflict from God’s blessing. One of the things Issac did when he grew up was to open the wells of his father, wells that had been stopped by their enemies. (Genesis 26:18). Remember the name Issac means laughter, you know the one who caused the wells to flow again. Joyce Meyer states that we can conclude in this story the idea that laughter and joy in the Holy Spirit will open the deep wells of life inside us, wells that may have been stopped up by the enemy through depression, discouragement, and/ or disappointment. Go ahead and laugh and let God’s joy bubble up in you!

Blessings to you and yours until tomorrow


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