Genesis 20-22

30 Jan

Genesis 20-22

Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant that became pregnant, fled to the wilderness for she wanted to die. God sent an angel and sent her home, a place very difficult for her to go. The angel also stated that her son would be a man that would not get along with anyone.
Okay not exactly something that I would want to hear. Imagine wanting to run away from it all and then told that you should go home and your child was not going to be liked. I do not think that I could have handled it like Hagar, I would have blown it. Hagar responded by calling God, the God-Who-Sees-Me. She did what she was told, accepted her fate and continued on! Way to go Hagar.
Our God is all knowing. One who sees our wounds, the one who knows what stuff we are hiding in our closet. He knows our greatest moments and joys. It is His job! Because He knows us this well, unlike anyone else, shouldn’t we listen and take His advice?So whatever our wilderness is in our lives the fact that God sees us, all of us, is a reason to return home, follow His advice and accept what there is.
Hagar is not the only one who is obedient to the Lord in this reading. Abraham is obedient to God’s test in willing to sacrifice Issac. Thankfully he does not have to go through with it. In both scenarios, Hagar and Abraham, choosing to follow God came at a high price.
Often it means having to make choices you do not want to make. Having to choose between what you want and what God wants. At this point you have to decide, you do have the right to choose.Choosing God no matter what, is it worth to obey Him at any cost?
Remember, if you choose God’s way over your way in the end you get God! Isn’t that better than anything that you may be giving up?


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