Game On!

24 Jan

One of my favorite times as a child was spent playing in the street with balls and bikes. Whenever a car would come by someone would yell “Car”, then once the car passed by and there was no more in sight one would yell “Game On”. Well tonight I feel the same way. This last Thursday it was not a car but a cold that stopped me in my normal daily activities, writing and blogging. It is not until late last night that it seemed as tho the worse was over and throughout the day I have been getting the sign that my nose, chest and lungs are clear.

“Game ON!!!”

So is it really play time?? Well kind of I love writing and blogging so this is the fun part. But tomorrow I begin the make up cleaning and laundry. Boy oh boy! (Moms Devotional will begin again starting Wednesday where I left off, and the bible reading will be on double time a bit for the next week or so to get back on track. Well that is the plan. But that is okay, us Moms know that our time is never gone wasted and we just do our best and move on. A lesson that I continue to learn through God’s tests given to me which I alternate in passing and failing)

I do not have that much to do in all reality, it could have been worse, however my wonderful husband made sure that the basics were completed over this weekend.

So even though I was sick and laid myself upright on the coach for the majority of the time drinking TheraFlu every 4 hours. It was like a mini vacation! But not. Tho I did learn a lot about blogging and networking which was productive. The hardest part about me being sick is that I sit and think of all the things I would and should be doing. What can you do??

What do you do in the time of sickness?? Do you allow yourself the time to rest and just get the basics done so that you may heal? or do you just keep on going??


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