Genesis 18 & Mom’s Devotional Bible

18 Jan

Genesis 18

v 14 The Lord asks is there anything too hard for the Lord?

This question is faith and hope basics. When we are in need and we are in trouble we can rest in knowing that there is nothing to difficult for the Lord. When Gd is in control of our lives we can do all things. He may not solve our problem immediately (just like Sarah who waited years to have a child) He may be giving us a lesson so that we may grow. We could try to come up with ways of our own to solve the problem but we can not even fathom what God has up our sleeve for us.

Mom’s Devotional Bible Monday

Genesis 37:12-35
Psalm 141:3-4
Proverbs 30:33 For as churning the milk produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife

Sibling Rivalry it has been around since the very beginning. Remember Cain & Abel, how bout Joseph and his 11 brothers.
Elisa points out benefits from experts to in-house fighting: (WOW who new??)interpersonal empathy. Fights offer children the opportunities to learn sensitivity to he feelings of others emotional processing. Fights give children a chance to express and process emotions. resolution skills. Fights give children experience in establishing non-violent solutions like compromise and cooperation. (our school children learn Kelso’s Choices)Growth occurs safely when carefully monitored by parents. (I do not recall Adam & Eve around when Cain and Abel were having issues).

Blessings to you and yours until tomorrow!


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