Abram Rescues Lot

10 Jan

Genesis 14

Abram and his men defeated those that seized all the goods of Sodom & Gomorrah including Lot and all of his possessions. The king of Sodom and the king of Salem brought out bread and wine saying

v 19-20 Blessed be Abram by God Most High creator of heaven and earth And
blessed be God Most high who delivered your enemies into your hand

Abram gave him tenth of everything and stated that he raised his hand to the Lord God most high, Creator of Heaven and of earth and have taken an oath that he will not accept nothing belonging to them.

Sometimes taking the easy road, like when something is handed to you, is not the best way to reach what God has promised us. Abram has been promised the land and the nations from God, but gaining them is only part of what God has for him. The journey to obtain it is far more valuable to the people on earth, to Abram, and to the Lord.

Savor your journey, learn from our days. Continue reaching for the stars but praise God for each step along the way.


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