E-mail received from Trisha Novotny of 24/7 MOMS

6 Jan

Is there away to subscribe to your blog via email? have you looked in
to using feed burner?
Also Id love to chat with you about writing for 24/7
We are also working of scheduling guests for the 2010 LIVE webcasts.
Do you have a story, topic, mom tips, etc that you feel confident sharing with
MOMS on a live web show?

This is very exciting to me, I have been reading Trisha’s blog 24/7 MOMS since 2008! I look forward to see where this opportunity will go.

Whether you go by MOM, Mother, Mommy or Mama we all have ONE thing in
COMMON – we need other MOMS. 24/7 has been created by MOMS for MOMS who understand that this thing called motherhood can actually be an adventure all on
its own – scary yet exciting, challenging yet rewarding, full of ups and downs.
This is why we as MOMS need a place to be inspired, equipped and connected as we
travel this motherhood adventure together. Welcome to 24/7 MOMS!


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