Genesis 4

3 Jan

Cain and Abel, born to Adam and Eve with the help of the Lord. The Bible’s lesson in giving and a great life lesson. Abel gave his first and best to the Lord, for the he received favor from Him.

It is my life goal to give and do my best at all times. God is not expecting perfection, just our best. I pray that I can pass this lesson on to my children and teach them to do the same. I also would like to think that I can also expect to receive their best and not perfection from them either.

He also wants to be first. I pray that I can place God first in all that I do. In my marriage, my family, my finances, my writing, my friends and every single day of my life.

Tomorrow I will start the devotional section of Mom’s Devotional Bible. The devotions are from Elisa Morgan, the former President of MOPS International. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a Christian organization created to support and nurture mothers of young children. You can learn more about MOPS at The devotion provides contemporary, biblical insights on motherhood that will be uplifting to our day. You will see how clearly the Bible speaks to the big and little issues only mothers can understand. The Bible faithfully provides inspiration and wisdom to help you and I not only to cope but truly enjoy being a mom.

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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