Genesis 1 – Genesis 2:1-3

1 Jan

The beginning, just like today is the beginning of a new year. This was the beginning of all years.
Nothing was there just darkness and God. Then God went to work. In 6 days he created.

  1. day and night
  2. sky
  3. land, seas, plants and trees
  4. sun, moon and stars
  5. birds and creatures of the sea
  6. livestock, creatures of the ground and man

Each day God saw a need and He created to fulfill that need. Each day when it was completed He saw what He accomplished and found that it was good.

I think I can learn a lot from what God did in those 6 days. I too can wake up each morning and find a need and accomplish that need (my to do list) But what I do not do and would like to start doing is taking a moment at the end of the day and seeing what I completed was good. Whether it was cleaning the toilets and the refrigerator or beginning a devotional with the children. I need to stop and know that it was good, Celebrate our accomplishments.

On the 7th day God rested. Each week my family and I have begun to learn to honor the sabbath. I complete the necessary tasks to take care of my family but the cleaning, the errands, and the laundry is put aside. We take the time to attend church and spend time with one another.

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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