Writing my own Renditions of the Psalms

1 Oct

My Psalm 120
I am hurt. I pour my heart out to you Lord.
I wait upon you to guide me.
Save me from these hurtful people, God!
They act as though they do no wrong, however
everything they do and say are just the opposite
Be careful my hurtful people
Are you aware of where you are headed?
A lonely life with your materials
Will be all that is left with you.
I am restless and weary of this ongoing
situation with those who do wrong
I am for love and kindness but whatever
I do they bring to me another confrontation.
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My Psalm 121
I look at the road ahead of me and see trials and temptations
How will I be able to get through them?
The Lord will guide me
the One who created the heavens and the earth!
the road he lays ahead of me will not lead me to death
for He will not sleep and He will Protect me all the
days of my life
Unlike others God will not abandoned me
nor forsake me
Lord is my protection
The Lord has me placed under His wings
Satan has no power over me or my journey
The Lord has my life in His hands, and will
carry me to the very end
The Lord will guide me in the direction and
protect me always as I come and go

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My Psalm 122
I am filled with joy when my husband
and children say to me I want to go to church
Our feet are standing on solid ground
Gig Harbor is built so well
The community joined together
Where each family from around the city
families that are thankful for what the Lord has done
They have placed God high as where He should be
We must pray for Gig Harbor
May the Christians of this town prosper
May the city be full of peace and safety
from within the city limits
For my community and family
I will say peace, happiness & love be with you
Because of Chapel Hill the place to
worship our Lord our God
I will seek out it’s good!

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My Psalm 123
Lord I look to you and you alone
You who are high upon the throne
I come to you on my knees
I humble myself in Your presence
I turn to you for wisdom until I receive it
Lord hear my cry, have mercy on us
Be kind to me and my family, and pass on your grace,
for we have had all we can take of this
Our life is being filled with disrespect and ridicule
from those that our children must be with

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My Psalm 124

If the Lord was not with me
let me repeat myself
If the Lord was not with me
when the world comes knocking
then it would swallow me alive
in its anger
Then the waters would have drowned me
the current would have me swept away
Thank you Jesus!
who saves me from those who wish to hurt me
I have escaped many trials and temptations
I have walked by the worlds opportunities
My help is in the name JESUS
the creator of All things.

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My Psalm 125

I trust in you Lord
I am unshakable, unmovable
Lord you forever have me in the palms of your hands
Satan will fall
my heart looks to you Lord
Do good to me for I am good
For those who are bad, evil and wicked
give them the justice they deserve

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<My Psalm 126

When God does great things
sometimes they seem to good to be true
When God works miracles and wonders
in your life
Sometimes you feel as though this cannot be happening to you
I have laughed and sang praises
people knew that God had placed on a blessing
For I was full of joy
God lets do that again!
I want to sing and laugh. Be full of joy!
I will get on my knees in time of difficulty
Through trials from you and
temptations from Satan,
I will use your word that you had given me to prepare for this time
As I come out of these in your name
in tears I get off my knees
I will sing a new song that you have given me
I will shine brighter and have a new stronger characteristic

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Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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