Planet Mom

27 Sep

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.

Thursday morning MOPS began at Chapel Hill. I am back! Mothers of Preschoolers, last year was the first year in many that I was not one. For the first time last year I did not have MOPS to attend. It was a little strange not to have my Thursday mornings filled up. Lily has arrived and I now have a preschooler at home once again, so once again I can be apart of MOPS!

This years theme is Together on Planet Mom. Yes the place where all Moms dwell. The place where we go when we cannot speak to our husband for he is unavailable for one reason or another, the place we go when we are unable to connect to our children. The place that we run and hide after a very long day!

God is with us and we are created for relationship with Him and each other. We are created to do life together. We were not created to do this alone. We are placed on planet mom together so that we can help each other out in the time of need. Listen to one another when one of us has something to say. Lean a shoulder and provide a tissue when one of us has a tear to shed. One to let go and laugh out loud in the time of joy!

Moms need each other, moms need Jesus.

I am looking forward to opening new doors here on planet mom. Doors that will provide me new
adventures. Doors that will offer me new wisdom and guidance for the care of myself, my children, my husband and my home. Doors that will offer me a better and closer relationship with my Jesus. Doors that will allow new friendships to develop.

I am encouraged to open these doors..

(Three’s Company Theme Song playing in my head.. Come and knock on my door)

Blessings & Giggles to you & yours,

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